Advancement of the Christian Religion

We are about to embark on a strategic review of the Company’s grant making. As such, Wednesday 15th February 2017 will be the last deadline under the current grant programme and we will not be accepting applications during the strategy development process. We look forward to launching our new programmes in Autumn 2017 and encourage you to check the website then for more details.

The Mercers’ Company offers funding to advance and support the Christian faith. We currently have three programme areas; People, Buildings, and Cathedrals & Sacred Music. Applications are welcome from any denomination of the Christian church.



We have three themes under this programme area:

Support for ordained and lay ministry:

  • To support work offering strategic support or development in a variety of different ministries, and…

  • To share learning that helps strengthen and grow the Christian church (Anglican and other denominations)

We are particularly interested in applications that include collaborative working and/or shared learning. The collaborative working could be between groups of churches or other partnership work by Christian organisations.

This may include theological training other than bursaries, for which we make an annual grant to Train a Priest (TAP) fund.

Youth and Family Ministry:

  • For youth work, affiliated to a church or Christian organisation, with the aim of helping young people understand and develop their Christian faith in a safe and supporting environment

  • Family ministry, including activities such as parent and toddler groups, messy church, informal events reaching out to parents with children of any age.

We are particularly interested in applications that support families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Community Outreach:

  • Supporting churches and other Christian organisations in their outreach and social action programmes

Examples include initiatives that reduce isolation, particularly in the elderly; supporting the marginalised in society; work offering practical and emotional support to vulnerable groups.

Across these three areas, funding can include training, salaries, administration, start-up costs for new projects and costs for on-going work. Note that we will wish to understand how the work will be sustained after our funding has ended.

We will consider applications for salary costs or a proportion of core costs when the long term financial sustainability plan for the position or organisation is clear. In the case of salary we particularly favour applications where a proportion of the costs are being met by the church or Christian organisation.


We only consider appeals that meet one of the following criteria:

  • Churches in the City of London

  • Churches with a close Mercer connection

Other churches should look to the National Churches Trust to which the Company makes an annual grant.

Cathedrals & Sacred Music:

  • Applications relating to capital projects from Cathedrals in the UK, with a particular interest in those with close links to Mercer churches.

  • Applications that support sacred music in UK Cathedrals.


Where we fund:

This funding is available where there is a strong, historic connection to the Mercers’ Company. These areas are:

  • London (within the M25)

  • The West Midlands – including Birmingham

  • North East – particularly Northumberland and Newcastle

  • Norfolk

  • Lincolnshire

  • Gloucestershire

These restrictions do not apply to the Cathedral & Sacred Music programme for which we accept applications from anywhere within the UK.


We Do Not Fund:

  • Organisations where the work takes place outside the UK

  • Organisations that are not registered charities or don’t have charitable status

  • Organisations that have applied within the last three years.


Dates of Meetings:

Our Advancement of the Christian Religion application deadlines are 6 weeks before each committee meeting:

  • Wednesday 15th February 2017 (for committee meeting on Wednesday 29th March 2017)

No further meetings of the Advancement of the Christian Religion Committee are scheduled as we are about to undergo a strategic review of the Company’s entire grant making.

You are encouraged to submit your application as far in advance of the 6 week deadline as possible, to allow us the time to arrange assessment visits where appropriate.


Further Information and How to Apply:

Our application form, details on the supporting documents we request and further information of our processes can be found here.