Grants for Elderly Individuals

Sir Richard Whittington Donations for Elderly Individuals

The Charity of Sir Richard Whittington offers direct financial support to elderly individuals in limited financial circumstances. The donation is currently £1,140 per annum, paid in four quarterly instalments.

It is intended to support those with ongoing financial hardship rather than those in need of one-off financial support (such as capital costs, furnishings, loan repayments).

Applications must be made and submitted on behalf of the individual by a referral agency such as social services or a UK registered charity. The Charity is administered by The Mercers’ Company.

Grant Guidelines:

  1. Age: Over 60, but priority is given to older and frailer applicants.
  2. Location: We only consider applications from residents in London.
  3. Income: Most applicants are in receipt of state benefits such as pension credit.


  1. A referee must complete the application form. This should then be signed by both referee and the individual who would be in receipt of any funding awarded.
  2. The application form is submitted to The Mercers’ Company along with proof of identity of the individual.
  3. Following application, we may wish to arrange a meeting as a part of the assessment process if we feel further details are needed. This would be a meeting between the referee, the individual and a member of The Mercers’ Company grants team. We would contact the referee to arrange this.
  4. The individual will then be considered for funding. Notification of the decision will be made in writing to both the individual and the referee

If a grant is awarded, future payments will depend upon receipt of an annual return detailing material changes in circumstances, which will be reviewed by The Mercers’ Company grants team. A mid-year claim form will also be requested.

Following an award, if the recipient should for any reason no longer require the donation please inform us immediately.

For further information or an application form, please contact The Mercers’ Company by email: